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  1. Maurg Reply
    Burro definition is - donkey; especially: a small donkey used as a pack animal. How to use burro in a sentence.
  2. Faegami Reply
    Wild Burros have long ears, a short mane and come in a variety of colors, from black to brown to gray to red roan, pink and blue. The most common coloring is grey with a white muzzle and white underbelly. Wild burros average 44 inches tall and weight about pounds at maturity. Male burros are known as jacks while females are called jennies.
  3. Bragore Reply
    Wild burros can tolerate a water loss as much as 30% of their body weight, and replenish it in only 5 minutes of drinking. (Humans require medical attention if 10% of body weight is lost to dehydration and require a full day of intermittent drinking to replenish this loss.).
  4. Malanos Reply
    Note: Traditionally burros were considered different species from their African ancestors, and their scientific name was Equus chensbemesudumrebakhticpevadecom.cor, in burros were officially recognized as no more than subspecies of the wild African type, whose scientific name is Equus chensbemesudumrebakhticpevadecom.coore, most but not all experts now regard the burro's proper scientific name to be Equus africanus ssp. asinus.
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    Define burros. burros synonyms, burros pronunciation, burros translation, English dictionary definition of burros. small donkey Not to be confused with: borough – a town or village burrow – hole dug in the ground; to dig a hole n. pl. bur·ros 1. A small donkey.
  6. Zolokinos Reply
    Burros get some of their water needs from their diet of desert plants, but they often go a long time without drinking. When they need to rehydrate, they will sometimes find and dig their own wells in the dry desert soil. Adopt a wild horse or burro.
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    Burros originated in the North African deserts and flourished in our Southwestern deserts. Because burros are accustomed to a desert environment, they cannot tolerate nutrient rich food. Overfeeding a burro results in obesity, founder, colic, and/or severe skin rashes sometimes referred to .
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