Carry On

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  1. Zolok Reply
    Carry-on definition is - carrying-on. How to use carry-on in a sentence.
  2. Gulabar Reply
    carry on: See: adhere, attempt, bear, commit, conduct, continue, endure, exercise, function, keep, last, manage, militate, operate, organize, oversee.
  3. Arashigami Reply
    carry on definition: 1. to behave in an uncontrolled, excited, or anxious (= worried and nervous) way: 2. to have a. Learn more.
  4. Sharn Reply
    carry on 1. verb To continue or proceed. In this usage, the phrase can be used as an imperative. I'm sorry for all the interruptions—please, carry on with your story. OK, I understand your vision now—carry on! 2. verb To act wildly or rambunctiously, typically while making a lot of noise (perhaps by crying, yelling, or screeching). Mom rushed into.
  5. Fetaxe Reply
    Find another word for carry-on. Carry-on: a bag carried by hand and designed to hold a traveler's clothing and personal articles. Synonyms: carryall, grip, handbag.
  6. Kikus Reply
    CARRY ONS. of over 1, results for Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry: Luggage & Travel Gear: Luggage: Carry-Ons. Briggs & Riley. Baseline-Softside CX Expandable Carry-On Upright Luggage, Black, Inch $ out of 5 stars Seet Cuvers. Airplane Seat Covers / Seet Cuvers (2 Disposable Covers Per Package).
  7. Yozshugis Reply
    Carry On Lyrics: One morning I woke up and I knew / You were really gone / A new day, a new way, I knew / I should see it along / Go your way, I'll go mine / And carry on / The sky is clearing and.
  8. Moogukinos Reply
    Carry-On Weight Restrictions. No maximum weight applies to carry-on baggage, except in the following locations.. Singapore, Singapore – Changi International Airport (SIN) carry-on should not exceed 15 lbs. (7 kg)Beijing, China – Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) requires that domestic hand carry bags should not exceed 10 kg.
  9. Gakree Reply
    Carry On is a simple mod that improves game interaction by allowing players to pick up, carry, and place single block Tile Entities (such as Chests, Furnaces, Droppers, Spawners, and your favorite machines from other Tech Mods) using only their empty hands.

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