Cold Pissin On em

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  1. Faemi Reply
    Feb 12,  · Imagine the scene – a cold winter wind blowing as you hurry home, with an extra spring in your step because you’re desperate to reach the bathroom. It seems like every second in the cold makes your body even more determined to let out a steady stream of pee. If you’ve ever had this happen, don’t worry there’s nothing wrong with you.
  2. Yodal Reply
    However, when it's cold outside, your kidneys have more blood to filter than normal because there's more blood pumping through your body. So, they end up .
  3. Vutaxe Reply
    Jul 22,  · The cold and flu run rampant in the winter, though cold viruses occur year-round. Understanding the problems that may occur when cold medications are combined with prostate medications illustrates the importance of considering drug interactions and potential side effects of any medication you use, whether prescription or over-the-counter.
  4. Mukinos Reply
    Aug 10,  · In addition to the effects of vasoconstriction, cold temperatures change how permeable cells are to water. Proteins called aquaporins act as channels to allow water in and out of cells more quickly than through body temperature starts to drop, aquaporins limit the amount of water allowed into some cells, including kidney and brain cells.
  5. Fenrill Reply
    Jan 22,  · Cold diuresis In cold weather, your body tries to keep your core warm by constricting your blood vessels and reducing the flow of blood to your skin. This process is called vasoconstriction. It is necessary because heat is lost from your skin to the environment, so your body tries to reduce the flow of blood to your extremities, especially your.
  6. Diktilar Reply
    Hello, It’s impossible to diagnose illness based on Urine temperature alone. Urine gets its temperature from blood and body temperature. And, the longer you hold yourself from peeing, the colder your urine gets. This is due to the time the fluid stays in the bladder, away from the kidneys. Hot urine could only mean that you’re ingesting lots of fluids. When we are at the bar, .
  7. Tojajas Reply
    Jan 08,  · On this edition of the RidicuList, Anderson Cooper takes a look at what happens to hot liquids in the extreme cold.
  8. Mazukazahn Reply
    Apr 23,  · lmfao this is a remake of my friend from vine, i know its simple but i like it anime: mirai nikki song:???
  9. Gajas Reply
    Mar 03,  · Hello I want to describe an issue I have had for approx 2 years now, with the interest if anybody has any idea what is going on with my body. Before I tell you the symptoms, I want to say that I have been to plenty of allopathic doctors and hospital and tried all their antibodics and nothing worked expect zithromax (self prescribed bought overseas) but the .

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