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  1. Tegis Reply
    Rebirth definition is - a new or second birth: metempsychosis. How to use rebirth in a sentence.
  2. Kazigar Reply
    re·birth (rē-bûrth′, rē′bûrth′) n. 1. A second or new birth; reincarnation. 2. A renaissance; a revival: a rebirth of classicism in architecture. rebirth (riːˈbɜːθ) n 1. a revival or renaissance: the rebirth of learning. 2. a second or new birth; reincarnation re•birth (riˈbɜrθ, ˈriˌbɜrθ) n. 1. a new or second birth. 2. a.
  3. Nezahn Reply
    Rebirth definition, a new or second birth: the rebirth of the soul. See more.
  4. JoJolkis Reply
    Long-lost buddy Zack gets suburban dad Kyle on a bus to a Rebirth seminar, sending him down a rabbit hole of psychodrama, seduction and TV-MA.
  5. Grojar Reply
    15 rows · The Province of Re: Birth is one of the Virtual Future provinces part of stage over .
  6. Brakasa Reply
    Rebirth definition: You can refer to a change that leads to a new period of growth and improvement in | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  7. Grokasa Reply
    Information. Re-Births are supreme ability wielders to In-Births in all aspects. They can cause devastating damage that rivals even natural disasters.. During the transformation, a Re-Birth's Vessel turns into the same dark and indestructible one that the Voids have. However, a Re-Birth has managed to keep it in the shape of a human body and this way effectively becoming truly immortal.
  8. Meztigul Reply
    Kyle (Fran Kranz), a cubicle drone who's grown bored with his job and family responsibilities, is shocked when his hard-partying college friend Zack (Adam Goldberg) shows up at his office. Zack 33%(6).

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