The Six Cups - Various - 24 February (CDr)

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  1. Yobei Reply
    The Six of Cups is a card that takes you back to the happy memories from your past, whether as a child, teenager or young adult. You may simply be revisiting those memories in your mind, or you may travel back to your childhood home or reconnect with your childhood friends. You could go to a high school reunion or reconnect with an old buddy.
  2. Mudal Reply
    In a career reading, the Six of Cups is generally a good omen. It signifies creativity, sharing and goodwill. When this card appears it is a great time to get involved in creative or team projects. It can also indicate working with young people or children. In relation to finances, the Six of Cups can represent giving or receiving gifts or charity.
  3. Togar Reply
    Sep 18,  · The Six of Cups is the card that predicts lovers coming back. The Six of Cups is a good card for exes returning and reconciliations. Six of Cups as a Negative, Weakness or Obstacle. When the Six of Cups appears in a negative, weakness or obstacle Tarot spread position, this means that the past is going to repeat itself.
  4. Gucage Reply
    Mar 14,  · Upright 6 of Cups Tarot Love Meaning. The past comes alive again with the 6 of Cups tarot love meaning. This card can signal a revival of the past and the nostalgia that comes with it; you may be exploring happy memories, you may be more appreciative your partner’s sense of familiarity, or an ex can even reappear in your life again/5(K).
  5. Tojagrel Reply
    The reversed Six of Cups tells us to stay in the present and not to get caught up in the past. In the area of love, such as in committed relationships, it is time to deal with life issues which have been avoided. The time is now to make efforts both with love and work. Trust your inner voice but when you sense a need for assistance, ask for help.
  6. JoJokree Reply
    Six of Cups Tarot Card Meanings The focus of the card is the children playing in the meadow, a reflection of days gone by, filling cups with the flowers of happy memories. The Six of Cups represents past influences, so people or places from the past will feature or make a reappearance.
  7. Maugore Reply
    Six of cups tarot card often shows up when the Seeker feels at home where they are and with what they are doing. Six of cups in a love reading In a love reading, Six of cups tarot card can denote a sensual relationship that brings joy to the Seeker.
  8. Mashura Reply
    Mar 31,  · Six of Cups in the grand tableau. Six of cups in Ace of cups: Making new memories. Six of cups in Two of cups: Young love. Six of cups in Three of cups: Birthday party. Six of cups in Four of cups: Asking someone for a favour. Six of cups in Five of cups: Going back to what you know. Six of cups in Six of cups: Nostalgia. Living in the past.

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